Portraits and paintings of the American Cocker Spaniel by Justine Osborne

american cocker spaniel portrait

portrait of two American Cocker Spaniels
12x12in (30x30cm)- oil painting on gallery style canvas


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American Cocker Spaniel Rescue
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American Cocker Spaniel Dog Club

Nnotes on the American Cocker Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel)

A beautiful spaniel with very long hanging ears, a rounded head, and a profuse, silky, feathered, medium-length coat. The head is chiseled with an abrupt stop. The muzzle is wide, deep and broad with a square jaw. Upper lip hangs down, covering the lower jaw completely.The nose is always black on black dogs, but may be brown on other dogs. The eyes are round, set on so they look straightforward. The eye rims are slightly oval. Compact body with a short back. The coat comes in buff, black, and other solid colors, black-and-tan), parti-color (white with black, white with buff or red, white with black and tan points)

Bold and keen to work, the American Cocker Spaniel is equally suited to life as a gundog or as a household pet. Cheerful, sweet, sensitive and endearing. A happy tail-wagger. Gentle and trusting, with average intelligence. They are lively, playful and devoted, but should be socialized well when they are young to avoid a tendency for shyness. Usually good with children. Cockers love everyone and need people to be happy. They can be difficult to housebreak and some like to bark. However they are mostly easy to train and get along well with other animals.

The popular Cocker Spaniel, sometimes called the American Cocker Spaniel, was originally developed from careful breeding of the English Cocker Spaniels brought to the United States. The American Cocker Spaniel is smaller than the English Cocker Spaniel and has a different conformation. The name "Cocker" comes from the woodcock, a game bird these spaniels flushed particularly well. Today, the Cocker Spaniel serves primarily as a companion and glamorous show dog. It can also be used for hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdogging and agility.

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