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Sizes & Prices
for oil paintings on canvas

british pet portraits
american pet portraits
Smaller portraits
the smaller size is great for head portraits
8" x 8" (20x20cm)
10"x 10" (25x25cm}
10" x 12" (24x30cm)
12" x 12"(30x30cm)
11" x 14"(28x35cm)
Medium size
medium size portraits, a little bit more room to play with
12" x 16"(30x40cm)
14" x 18"(35x45cm)
16" x 16"(40x40cm)
16" x 20"(40x50cm)
18" x 24"(45x60cm)
20" x 20"(50x50cm)
Larger portraits
For a larger than life Jack Russell or capturing the glorious stature of a Great Dane. Paintings that give impact.
20"x 28"(50x70cm)
24" x 24"(60x60cm)
24" x 30"(61x76cm)
28" x 39"(70x100cm)
30" x 40"(76x102cm)
39" x39" (100x100cm)
36" x 48"(90x122cm)

More than one dog?

Dogs on the same canvas - second dog, please add 15% to the prices, third dog, please add a total of 25% to the price for the portrait. More than 3 please contact the artist for an individual quote for your dog portrait.

collie & springer painting

Prices include head or full body in the portrait.
PaintMyDog is based in the UK but International portrait orders welcome.

Paintings are oil painted on stretched canvas frames, and can be made to any custom size. Ready to frame or chunky gallery style - View portrait canvas styles
Not sure what size? Give the artist an idea of your budget, and the artist will give you some different layouts to choose from for your dog portrait, based on compositions possible from the photograph of your dog.

more information
regarding your
dog portrait

If you would like a more unusual size please ask and the artist will be happy to accommodate.more unusual sizes are also available

vizslas portrait painting

Gallery style oil painting on canvas
size 32" x 14"

Visit the frequently asked questions page for more detail on shipping costs and ordering your dog painting.

Please email or telephone the studio if you need any help - contact the artist

Click to view frequently asked questions and customer comments for help regarding your dog portrait.

For portraits of your favourite dog breeds, visit the dog painting gallery

basset dog painting dalmatian pup portrait fox terriers picture westie dog portrait

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