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Ordering a portrait of your dog

Stylish pet portraits and paintings made to commission of your dog or a special present. Read on for more info about your custom dog portrait or gift.

step 1. Choose a favourite photo of your dog for the painting. Alternatively provide a selection of photos of your dog, and the artist will discuss the best layout for the portrait. Where possible the artist is happy to come and photograph your dog for the painting.

step 2. Is there a background colour you would prefer for the dog painting? If you are not sure the artist will advise what would compliment your dog's colour -have a look at the dog portrait gallery for possible ideas.

modern gallery style dog portrait art

Life-size or larger than life?

modern dog portrait of black labrador

step 3. Have a think what size you would like. This could depend on whether you want your dog to fill the frame or a more unusual composition. If you are not sure the artist will advise depending on the possibilities from the photos of your dog view painting sizes

step 4. Email digital photos or post your photos to the studio with your details and a little information about your dog and the process of commissioning your dog portrait can begin!

Please feel free to discuss any ideas with the artist by email, post or telephone. contact the artist


To show all those things that make your dog so unique any quirks or odd habits are considered.

Unique, colourful pet portraits capturing the personality of your pet. Portraits are made by UK portrait painter specialising in paintings of dogs. Online gallery of dog paintings and pet portraits.

Read the dog portrait customer comments!

dog portrait painting basset hound
Dog portrait Commission -F. A. Q.s
including framing and delivery

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basset dog painting dalmatian pup portrait fox terriers picture westie dog portrait

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