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Portraits and paintings of the Golden Retriever by Justine Osborne


golden retriever portrait painting

"Repo" - Portrait of a Golden Retriever 24 x20 in on gallery style canvas


modern golden retriever portrait

"Boone" - portrait of a Golden Retriever
10x10in (25x25cm)- oil painting on gallery style canvas

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Golden Retriever links and websites

North West Golden Retriever Rescue

Notes on the Golden Retriever

The heavier black Wavy-coated retriever sometime produces a few yellow pups and it is believed the golden Retriever originated from the cross breeding of these yellow retrievers with an old type of water spaniel and later with an Irish Setter, a Bloodhound and some black retrievers. In many countries the Goldens are now much sought after as working ans show dogs. Appearance, Head with broad skull, broad, not too lond muzzle, marked stop, Eyes dark, Ears moderately large and ahnging flat. Neck rather long. Body short, deep chested and well sprung ribs. Legs moderately long, with heavy bones. Feet round. Tail long. Coat long, smooth or wavy and well feathered, with a dense undercoat.
Character, intelligent, gentle, friendly, willing. Goldens are used as therapy and guide dogs amongst other working uses.
Easily trained and good with children - excellent family dog. These dogs love to swim, and the muddier the water the better!

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