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Wanting to provide an alternative to the classic pet portrait, British artist, Justine Osborne created paintmydog.co.uk offering a fresh and contemporary approach to the much loved
and celebrated tradition
of painting dog portraits.


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by Jan E. Irving

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June 2009

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"The Dog that saved our Marriage" April 2009
Broadcast on SKY Tv made by Blakeway

Group Exhibitions

2008 - Serena Hall Gallery, Southwold - The Great
Little Picture Show

2005 - House & Garden Fair, Olympia, London UK

2005 - Badminton
Horse Trials,
Gloucestershire, UK

2004 -Crufts Dog Show, Birmingham UK

2004 - Doggie Day at
Home House, Portman Square,
London UK

2004 - Georgian Group Exhibition, Fitzroy Square, London UK


1995-1998 Central Saint
Martins College of Art
, London UK
-Fine Art Degree (BA)

1992-1995 Fine Arts College, Belsize Park, London

Fascinated with the dogs' different personalities, artist and painter Justine Osborne BA specialises in oil paintings of dogs. She successfully conveys the spirit and depth of expression that is unique to each dog, creating eye-catching and contemporary canine images.

Justine has painted many subjects over the years, but it is the exuberance and lust for life which dogs have, that inspires her to paint them over and over again.

"I enjoy the colours of dogs, their shape, their intensity of expression.Cross-breed or pure bred, every dog has its own challenges. Working with the owners allows for an insight into each dog's personality and the great effect they have on our lives. An irreplaceable bond occurs between owner and dog, and I always feel privileged to create images that represent such special relationships." view latest dog portrait

Justine takes her influences from many different artists, her favourites including: Stubbs, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Jenny Saville and Morandi. Read an interview with Justine.

Justine, dog portrait painter in the studio

An artist grateful for the love and constant inspiration dogs provide in life and art.
After many years in urban London, Justine now lives with her basset hounds Minnie and Morris in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and have a slower pace of life in the English countryside!

View a short clip showing Justine sketching from a SKY TV documentary shown in April 2009 

Why paint dogs?
My sleeping basset hound life models continue to inspire and fascinate me, these daily sketches of my hounds play an important role in my scrutiny of the dog!
a big thanks to my muse Minnie who inspired it all-
Minnie the basset hound. 


For comments and feedback from previous dog portrait commissions undertaken, please go to dog portrait testimonials


modern basset hound portrait

Gallery Style portrait
of Minnie the Basset Hound

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