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Portraits and paintings of the English Pointer by artist Justine Osborne

painting of an english pointer

Painting of a Black and white English Pointer

30 x 30in - oil painting on gallery style canvas
Simple stone coloured background

With his stunning, distinctive Pointer good looks, Jabu is everything wonderful about the breed, graceful, gentle, and made a fantastic model.The portrait was painted larger than life at 30x30inch capturing his beautiful profile, and typical pointer coat markings.


painting of two pointers

on the easel - Oscar and Bodie pointer brothers

30 x 30in - oil painting on gallery style canvas

This portrait was a challenge to create the dynamic between the brothers. I wanted the painting to feel quite grand, with Oscar looking out of the picture authoritatively and Bodie cheekily looking out behind his brother, typical of their characters. Oscar with the orange and white markings, Bodie liver and white.

liver white pointer paintingorange and white pointer portrait

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Notes on the English Pointer

Described as a "dashing gentleman" the English pointer is loyal, affectionate and enthusuastic. With a graceful and aristocratic air the breed carries its head proudly. Alert and muscular, the pointer is an energetic hunter.Young puppies may even show that characteristic pointing behaviour. Generally calm at home, not used as a watch dog.
Called the pointer for the motionless stance the dog assumes pointing out to the hunter where the game is hiding.
Nose is set a little higher that the rest of the muzzle and eyes are hazel or chestnut.Primarily white coat, with lemon, liver black or orange in either solid patched or speckled. Tricolor allowed, nose should match coat colour. Never docked.

T he breed was developed 2 centuries ago, and the modern pointer as we know it has existed for about 80 years.
The first recorded mention of the pointer was around 1650, and by the early 1700's the pointer became the dog of choice and is depicted in many paintings.
According to the most credible hypothesis, the Pointer was developed two centuries ago by crossing among the Italian Pointer, the Setter, the Foxhound, the Newfoundland, the Bloodhound, the Greyhound, and the Bulldog.

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