Portraits and paintings of The German Shepherd (alsatian dog) by Justine Osborne

german shepherd dog portrait


The German Shepherd - intelligent, lively and cheerful.
This is Dignan, gentle and sensitive, and the size of a small pony! The painting is on a muted tan background, complimenting the tan of his coat. Gallery style oil painting on canvas size 20" x 20"

german shepherd comic

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Journey of the portrait - how it came to life

The dog's eyes are generally first and help bring the personality through, colours are blocked in and detail added.
Brush marks help create texture of the dog's fur, and in contrast a smooth background.
In this instance the most challenging aspect was to create the cheerful nature of his expression.

gsd with portrait


Notes on the German Shepherd dog

The German forerunners of the breed were descended from animals used to protect flocks of sheep against wolves. White dogs were originally selected so that they would not be noticed among the sheep. The head of the German Shepherd is moderately broad with a slight stop and long muzzle. The eyes are almond shaped, preferably dark and have a lively and intelligent expression. The ears are large and pricked. The GSD is attentive, lively, faithful and a good watch dog. The German Shepherd is very responsive to diverse training and has many uses as a working dog.

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