Portraits and paintings of the Leonberger dog by Justine Osborne

leonberger picture portrait

leonberger  portrait painting

Mickey and Finn

Pair of paintings, oil on canvas 10x10inch
Two gorgeous Leonberger brothers, showing everything that is magnificent about this breed.

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Leonberger Dog Club

Notes on the Leonberger (Leonberg dog)
The Leonberger is named after Leonberg in Wurtemberg, Germany, where the breed was created in about 1860 by crossing the Landseer Newfoundland, the Saint Bernard and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The breed was not developed to achieve any specific aim.
The head of Leonberger has a tolerably wide skull; broad, not too short muzzle; slight stop. The eyes light brown to brown with an intelligent, good-natured expression. Ears are drop ears. Leonberger neck is moderately long, without much throatiness. Body of a medium length, with deep chest and ribs which are not too round. Legs long and strongly-boned. Feet almost round. Tail long. Coat fairly soft to hard, lies close to the body and is rather short except on the head and the front of the legs where it is short.
The Leonberger character is faithful, intelligent, eager to learn, good watch-dog


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