notes on the Smooth -Haired Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a very elegant, smart and stylish little dog dressed in a short white coat with black or brown markings. The breed has a flat, tapering, narrow skull, and ears that fold forward making "V" shaped flaps. The tail is normally docked to 1/4 its length and stands on top of the dog rather than hanging out behind. The Fox Terrier is blessed with many weapons of attack such as strong jaws, well-developed teeth, eagerness, physical strength, and above all, courage. It is a well-built, elegant dog - concentrating a lot of strength in a little space. The eyes are dark, small, deep set and extremely lively. The neck is thick and muscular.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a bold and energetic Terrier. They are enthusiastically playful especially with children, but have been known to bite. They are affectionate with the family and do not hide their jealously. Cheerful and brave. They are ready to charge at all times. Scrappy and impulsive. This lovable dynamo is great at learning tricks. Amazing stories are told of the animal's loyalty and devotion. This dog enjoys being part of the family and will become destructive without enough exercise and attention.

In developing the Terriers we know today breeders crossed ancient Dachshunds, the English Hound, and later the Fox Hound and Beagle. One of the oldest Terriers, the Fox Terrier was used in the 18th century to hunt foxes in England. Its  job was to harass fox out of its hole. The dog would snap and growl and lunge at the hiding fox until it bolted. They were also very useful ratters. Today the Fox Terrier is primarily a companion dog. The first standard for the Smooth Fox Terrier was established in 1876. The Wirehaired and Smooth Fox Terriers are sometimes regarded as the same breed, although the breed has been separated in the United States since 1984. Some of the Fox Terrier's talents include: hunting, tracking, watchdogging, agility and performing tricks.

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portait of fox terriers

"You're Home!" - Portrait of Two Fox Terriers

Oil painting on canvas 12" x16"
(gallery style canvas)

modern oil painting fox terrier


Rudi And Lote are very enthusiastic pair of smooth haired fox terriers - this portrait captures them mid-bounce!


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