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lurcher portrait

Portraits and paintings of Sighthounds by Justine Osborne

Greyhounds, and lurchers, these fantastic dogs make great subjects with their long features, athletic bodies and intense gaze.

greyhound portrait

blue greyhound painting


A beautiful greyhound with a tinge of blue in his grey coat, fresh from running.


lurcher head

A handsome male Lurcher
9x12in oil painting on canvas

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lurcher tail

Toby's Tail
A young lurcher pup
- saluki/greyhound
Oil on canvas


head greyhound art


notes on the Greyhound

The Greyhound is a very ancient breed, if not the most ancient of the hounds which the Celts took to England. As the "gaze hound" of earlier times it was used by mounted hunters. Today it is raced at greyhound tracks which are popular in many countries. Rescued and retired greyhounds can make excellent pets.

The Greyhound's head is long with a rather broad skull, long strong muzzle, slight stop. Eyes dark with an intelligent expression. Ears small, thin rose ears. Neck long and muscular. Body long, deep roomy chest, well sprung ribs, slightly arched loins. Legs long and strongly boned. Feet moderately long. `Tail long, coat fine lying close to the body.
Character gentle and affectionate, aloof with strangers.

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