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Portraits and paintings of the Chocolate labrador by Justine Osborne

modern labrador portrait

"Minty" - Portrait of a Chocolate Lab Puppy 20x 20in on gallery style canvas


labrador puppy portrait

Portraits of the Chocolate Labrador

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red lab portrait

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Notes on the Chocolate Labrador

The labrador is thought to have originated in Newfoundland, and off the coast of Greenland used by fishermen to retrieve and drag the ends of fishing nets in to the shore. employed for retrieving game and held in high regard as a guide dog and sniffer dog detecting drugs and explosives. An excellent water dog, with a distinctive short, dense coat, hard to the touch and with a water-resistant undercoat. Otter like tail.
Coat colour of labradors can be black, yellow, or liver/chocolate. The yellows range from light cream to red fox. Regular exercise is important, good tempered, agile, adaptable and devoted companion.

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