Portraits and paintings of the Boxer by Justine Osborne

oil portrait painting of a boxer dog

"Portrait of a Boxer"
16 x 16in - oil painting on canvas (gallery style)


modern boxer dog portrait
16x16in oil
on gallery style canvas

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Boxer Rescue

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Boxer Dog Club

Notes on the Boxer Dog

The Boxer's body is compact and powerful and the shiny, close-fitting coat comes in fawn, brindle, white and various shades of red, with white markings. White Boxers cannot be registered with some Kennel Clubs. The tail is usually docked. Ear cropping is optional. (Docking and cropping is illegal in some countries.) Its head should be in proportion to its body, lean and unwrinkled. Its lower jaw extends beyond its upper one, curving  upward. Neither teeth nor tongue are to show when the mouth is closed. The nose is large and black with very open nostrils. Eyes dark. The neck should be round, strong, and muscular, without dewlap. The body should be square. The tail is carried high. Its front legs should be straight and parallel.

The Boxer is happy, high-spirited, playful, curious and energetic. Highly intelligent, eager and quick to learn, but can be stubborn and sneaky. The Boxer is a good dog for competitive obedience. Constantly on the move, bonding very closely with the family. Loyal and affectionate, Boxers are known for the way they get along so well with children. It has been said that the name Boxer came from the way the Boxer likes to use is front paws for just about everything. The Boxer's nature is to protect you, your family, and your home. Known visitors will be welcomed boisterously. They are always keen to work and play. Boxers need lots of human companionship. They can be rather boisterous and even in old age are still extremely athletic. Boxers LOVE to jump. This breed is noted for courage and makes great guard dogs. Boxers have a wide use in military and police work. Training should start young and be firm and consistent. This breed requires a dominant owner. An excellent watchdog, the Boxer will restrain an intruder in the same way a Bulldog does.

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