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Portraits and paintings of the Dachshund by Justine Osborne

modern portrait dachshund dog

"Otto" - Portrait of a Dachshund 10x10in oil on gallery style canvas

A typical cheeky doxie- looking quizzically at the camera
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dachshund art portrait


The dachshund makes a great subject, with the inquisitive face,
long comical body and ears. Some of my favourite art work of
dachshunds is by David Hockney who used his two dogs as
models and created paintings of them curled up together.

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Notes on the Dachshund

There are 6 varieties of dachshund in the UK, falling into 2 sizes, standard and miniature. There are 3 coat types, smooth-haired, long-haired and wire-haired. The name "dachshund" translates from German into badger dog, and this was probably their original purpose. Popular in the UK since the 19th century, Queen Victoria had several.
These teckel dogs are long and lean, with a defiant carriage of head and intelligent expression. Can be independent due to the hound nature, generally happy and characterful little beings.
The name dachshund is often misspelt - Daschund, Dachsund, Dachund, Dashound, Dashund, Dashhound, Daschshound, Dachshound, Dachound, Doxhund, Dauchsand, Dauchound.
and many nicknames exist Wiener dog (often spelled weiner dog), Hot dog, Sausage dog, Doxie, Dachsie, Dackel (GER, FR), Teckel (GER, FR), Weenie.


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