notes on the Tibetan terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized squarely proportioned dog that looks more like a sheepdog than a terrier. The double coat protects the entire dog, even falling in front of the dark, large, widely spaced eyes. The fine outer coat can be straight or wavy. The undercoat is soft and woolly. The coat should be long, but should not touch the ground. Any color (or combination of colors) including white is acceptable except for chocolate. The feathered tail is heavily furnished and carried over the back. The desirable mouth is a tight scissors bite or a tight reversed scissors bite. A reversed scissors bite is where the inner surface of the lower teeth touches the outer surface of the upper teeth. The topline is level. This breed's unique, large, flat feet are well furnished with hair and produce a snowshoe effect that provides traction and flotation in snow.

Sweet, gentle and loving, the Tibetan Terrier is lively, mild, and fun, but can be a bit willful. Reserved with strangers, but very dedicated to their owners, they are not happy when left alone. This breed does best with older, considerate children. This brave, intelligent, medium-sized dog likes to bark and is a particularly good watch dog. Its bark is deep like a rising siren. When the Tibetan Terrier is with other dogs it can try to dominate. In the United States, Tibetan Terriers' bloodlines vary in terms of height, coat, and personality. Check with the breeder about any particular litter's genealogy. The Tibetan Terrier has great agility as well as endurance.

This is an ancient breed that has contributed to the development of all other Tibetan breeds, from the Shih-Tzu to the Lhasa Apso, including the Tibetan Spaniel. Originally bred by Tibetan monks, it was considered to be "lucky" and dogs were often given as gifts, but never sold. Dr. A.R.H. Grieg was responsible for the breed's introduction to the West. She was given several dogs, the first by a grateful patient, and by the Dalai Lama himself. She later established a Tibetan Terrier kennel in England. The Tibetan Terrier is primarily a pet and companion. Some to the Tibetan Terrier's talents include: watchdogging, agility and competitive obedience.

modern dog paintings

modern dog painting of a Tibetan Terrier

dog portrait of a Tibetan Terrier

"Herbie" - Portrait of Tibetan Terrier

Oil painting on canvas 16" x20"
(gallery style canvas)

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