notes on the english springer spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a compact, hearty medium-sized dog with long pendant ears. They should be sturdy and neither too light nor too heavy. The tail is generally docked (and wagging!). The dog should have a proud bearing, with a level back approximately the same length as the height at the withers (never longer). The front legs should he straight. The feet are compact. The head is strong, yet refined and not too heavy, in good proportion to the rest of the dog. The length of the head should be about the same as the length of the neck. The stop is moderate with a groove rising between the eyes and gradually disappearing in the middle of the forehead. The topline of the skull and muzzle have approximately parallel planes. The medium-sized eyes have a kind expression. The eyes are either hazel or brown, depending on the color of the coat. The ears are set in line with the eyes. When pulled forward, the ears should reach all the way to the top of the nose. The tail is customarily docked. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite and the jaw is powerful. The medium-length coat is flat or wavy and feathered, and comes in liver & white, and black & white (with or without tan markings), blue or liver roan. The white may have flecks of coloured hair.

Most English Springers are even-tempered, gentle, friendly, and sociable dogs that are great for kids. Intelligent, skillful, willing and obedient. Playful, energetic and a quick leaner. Merry, brave and sweet tail-waggers. Cheerful and courageous. It is affectionate, good natured and sincere, this dog loves everyone. Springers do best when they are with people as much as possible. They can get into trouble if left alone too long. They love water and may constantly get themselves wet and muddy. Usually they are good with other pets with the possible exception of birds. This breed can be destructive and bark a lot if left alone. Springers need wise guidance through what is called their "teenage" time. Some are high-energy and they are all intelligent. They need a soft, but firm hand so they always know who is in control. There are two types of Springers - field and bench. The field type are bred for hunting and field trial work. They tend to have more white coat than the bench type, much less hair, and are more high energy. The bench type are bred for conformation shows and have more liver or black than white, they have much more coat, but are usually calmer.

This is the founder of all the English hunting spaniels. During the Renaissance, it was considered the ideal companion for the European hunter. Its popularity in America began in 1700. The Springer Spaniel gets its name from his method of flushing game: he springs forward to drive birds out of hiding. This breed hunts well both on land and water and is good at work in brush. He also is a fine retriever.

modern dog paintings

painting of an english springer spaniel dog


springer original photo

"Pickle" - Portrait of a English Springer Spaniel

Oil painting on canvas 24" x36"
(gallery style canvas)

A lovely, gentle springer boy, with a fondness for snoozing


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